Balaguer literary tour consists of a total of 20 places signposted with a QR. In each of these places, the visitor can know the monument or the space by reading some texts of writers such as Teresa Pàmies, Francesc Puigpelat, Josep Carner Ribalta and Josep Pla, among others. These places are: the railway station, the Sardana Square, the Pau Casals Square, the Pere III Avenue, the church of Sant Domènec, the monument to Jaume d'Urgell, the bridge of Sant Miquel, Pont Street, the footbridge, Sant Salvador Square, the birthplace of Teresa Pàmies, the Carrer d’Avall, Mercadal Square, Pont Nou, Carrer del Torrent, the church of Santa Maria, Castell Formós and the sanctuary of the Holy Christ.

The Balaguer literary tour is part of the book Lleida Comarques lleidatanes, l'Alt Pirineu i l'Aran, by Llorenç Soldevila, of the Geografia literaria collection, which shows the appearance, history and monuments through the interpretation made by our great writers. The poems, narrations, letters or songs help to capture the country, while the territory can help to understand the work of some writers.

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