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Shop contact

(*) Camps obligatoris

How to buy?

You can get the Museum's publications very simply, by sending an email to, specifying the following information:

Ref. or title of the publication, name / surname, address, zip code, population, province and method of payment (see section).


Payment to the Museu de la Noguera can be done in 2 different ways:

  1. Bank transfer: the customer will receive an email with the notification of the order and the account number to which the transfer is made. In order to validate the shipment of the order, the customer must send the receipt of the transfer to store @ museucn. For any questions or questions, contact the Museum directly.
  2. Cash on delivery: once the order has been received, it will be sent and the debit will be paid upon delivery.


The shipment is subject to the agency in charge of the shipment.